Whats the Best Programming Language For Web Sites

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It’s a question guaranteed to create chaos whenever it is asked – but is there a best programming language for building websites?

Let us examine the four most common answers to the question.

Python -

Python is often suggested because of its “beauty” (programmers just love python), maintainability, and the ease of writing. Combined with one of several web frameworks like Django, it is a potent tool for building websites.

The .NET Languages –

The .NET Languages, most commonly C and VB.NET, are extremely powerful when combined with ASP.NET. Add Visual Studio into the mix and you have a website-building monster. Oh, and the .NET languages are backed by Microsoft, making them very attractive to companies worried about support.


PHP powers a disproportionately large amount of the internet, and that is not surprising. The language, in combination with the other open-source members of the LAMP stack, is possibly the cheapest solution to building a website. PHP was also created expressly for web design, and while it has its limitations for other types of programming, it is simple and powerful to build websites with.

Ruby -

Ruby has enjoyed a big boost since the release of Rails, a Ruby framework to speed up the production of websites. Combined together, Ruby with Rails is a quick and fully functional solution to building top quality websites, and is just as qualified for a spot on this list as any of the other languages.

The Best? -

So which of these languages is best? Every one of them will build websites just as well as the others, so the only correct answer is – whichever language you feel most comfortable with is the best language you could build a website in. If you aren’t comfortable in any of them, and you are trying to discover which language you should learn, try simple tutorials in each of the languages and stick with the language that feels most natural to you.

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