How to Include a “Like” Button for Facebook

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The Facebook “Like” button is a social plug-in that has been around since 2010. When you put the Facebook “Like” button on your website and a visitor clicks on it, information is sent to the news feeds of all his friends. The information is also added to the visitor’s Wall and the Activities and Interests on his profile. The Facebook “Like” button can be placed on any page of your site for videos, pictures, or content.

It is fairly simple to have the “Like” button added to your site. First you need to copy your URL and then go to the Facebook Developer’s page: There you will put your URL in the box that says “”. You then have a few decisions about the width of the button, light or dark on the color scheme, the color of the border, if you want to show photos, if you want to display the profile page, and if you want the “Find Us on Facebook” bar included.

Next you click on the button “Get Code” and then copy the code. The final step will depend on your skill level. If you have someone who designed your website and makes changes for you, then you would send the code to him and tell him where you want it to go. If you do your own changes, then paste the code in the proper place of your website’s code.

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