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How to Design Your Own Web Page
Designing a web page can be a fun adventure for many with little programming or web design experience. Beginning with a single web page is an excellent way to work out design issues and learn about available tools without the added complication of internal links and site maps.

The best place to begin a web page design is actually with a piece of paper and pen. Start by creating a rough sketch of what you would like your web page to look like. Identify the issues of text location, image and video incorporation and titles. Once the rough sketch of the web page is in front of you, you can begin searching for a match to your idea. There are millions of templates on the web, so it is very sensible to at least begin with an existing framework. It is always possible to make later modifications to color and some placement, but a template can help you bypass the necessity to draft the entire web page in a text editor.

The web hosting service you select to display your web page may already have options available for you to choose from. Review the options before completing a contract with a particular web host to ensure that your end product has the opportunity to resemble what you have roughed out on the paper.

Once a template and a web host are selected, it is time to move to content decisions. With a web page, you will need to decide how the information will be displayed and if you need to reserve space for additional future information additions. Try to keep the design simple. Using every available function on a web page is usually a mistake caused by first time builder’s over enthusiasm. Exercise restraint and selectivity when choosing page widgets.

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