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“We chose Relevance due to their experience and cost effectiveness. Relevance met our needs by providing flexibility, speed-to-market and an agile methodology that works in two week iterations, thus allowing for changes and updates in only hours or days – without having to restart the development process.”

—TradeKing Director of Community Development, Mike Massey

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Baldwin Mutual Insurance Co., Inc.

“We had an ongoing development effort, but without Relevance, we would never have made it to production. Their focus on shipping solutions enabled us to move off our expensive AS400 equipment with confidence. Relevance was an absolute joy to work with.”

—Kevin Russell, VP of Technology, Baldwin Mutual Insurance Co., Inc.

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U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

“We approached Relevance for their Ruby and Rails security expertise, but it quickly became clear that their value extended to business analysis, project management, accurate estimation, and quality code. Relevance knows what it takes to succeed in software development, and they deliver.”

—Phyllis Jenket, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

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Real Digital Media

“After a diligent review of available platforms, we settled on Ruby on Rails due to the fast growing developer base and known productivity gains over more conventional platforms. With Relevance, we found a partner with experience that worked in tandem with our team and provided guidance throughout the development process. This partnership not only grew our internal Ruby on Rails skill set substantially, but has advanced our time to market when it comes to releasing new features and enhancements.”

—Real Digital Media Vice President of Product Development, Gavin Stark

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SCRIP-SAFE International, Inc.

“The very nature of our business is based on the security of our products and the high level of integrity we have with our customers. The application audit performed by Relevance was not taken lightly. The audit findings were both a confirmation to our development team regarding the high quality of their work and also exposed several potential areas of threat. These potential threats have been mitigated and our application is much stronger because of the professional and thorough review we received from Relevance.”

—J. James Wager, Vice President, SCRIP-SAFE International, Inc.

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21 Day Club

“The audit isn’t just advice. While reviewing our application and development process, Relevance made a number of improvements on the spot. … It was great to see how our project and team compared to other projects. Because Relevance tracks a variety of metrics, we were able to quickly identify what was unusual about our project.”

—Essi Systems CEO, Esther M. Orioli

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Near Infinity, Inc.

“We’ve used several training organizations in the past, but Relevance really stood out because of their ability to customize the material to fit our needs, and by being able to work with our team of advanced developers. Most training organizations are geared towards providing information for beginners; Relevance worked with our experts to make them even better.”

—Chris D’Agostino, CEO, Near Infinity, Inc.

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