How to Include Pictures In Your Web Site

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How to Include Pictures In Your Web Site

How High Quality And High Resolution Photographs Make A Tremendous Difference On Your Site
Having a website is hard work. By this, I mean you have to constantly update and maintain your site. To be sure, viewers know when you have not uploaded new content to your site. This is the main method for why website owners lose fans. In this light, you need to constantly update your website with Read more…

Color Splicing Usage On Your Web Site

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Creating a superior webpage, one that will more easily and successfully attract visitors and offer a superior browsing experience, can be a real challenge for developers who lack access to the right tools and resources. Learning more about color splicing, and the many ways that it may be able to improve your results and ensure you are able to create a superior page or layout, can be a very rewarding undertaking. Developers who have access to a superior range of tools and resources can ensure Read more…

Using Different Fonts in Your Web Page

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As a Web designer, you might have heard a lot of professionals say that using various fonts on your page is a big no-no. However, you should consider looking the other way when it comes to this advice. Although there are certainly right and wrong ways of using various fonts on your pages, failing to do so can make your page look a bit boring. By switching up the font types, sizes and even the colors, you can add depth and creativity Read more…

Building a Site that Will Run

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Seems pretty basic – build a site that works. However, you would be surprised how things like compatibility and execution are disregarded when it comes to the production of a site. Sure, you, as a web developer, use a wireless internet service to run and test your site, but have you stopped to wonder how it will run on a service like

And that’s not all.

Lots of developers tend to have high-end machines that can handle lots of little scripts and animations and media, but not everyone’s computer can handle that. Some developers like to pack a site full of all kinds of little bells and whistles like animated banners, elaborate page transitions and overarching sound design.

The problem is that in the time it takes for all of those little things to download on the user’s side, they have probably already lost interest and moved on to a different site.

When it comes to developing a site, you want to fulfill your vision and make the kind of site you or your clients want, but you also need to put yourself in the shoes of your user. That means taking time to run a battery of compatibility tests and really looking out for the user.

How to Include a “Like” Button for Facebook

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The Facebook “Like” button is a social plug-in that has been around since 2010. When you put the Facebook “Like” button on your website and a visitor clicks on it, information is sent to the news feeds of all his friends. The information is also added to the visitor’s Wall and the Activities and Interests on his profile. The Facebook “Like” button can be placed on any page of your site for videos, pictures, or content.

It is fairly simple Read more…

Advanced Background Developing In Web Pages

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As a web developer, using unique styles, advanced backgrounds, and several other techniques, is going to make any site you design, stand out, and something that is going to drive up traffic to that specific site. Whether you are developing a site for a business company, or for a private home based consulting firm, using the right background themes, is going to ensure that the site has that great look the business owner is trying to get, and is going to ensure that visitors to the site will love the design theme, color options, and the entire page layout Read more…

Whats the Best Programming Language For Web Sites

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It’s a question guaranteed to create chaos whenever it is asked – but is there a best programming language for building websites?

Let us examine the four most common answers to the question.

Python -

Python is often suggested because of its “beauty” (programmers just love python), maintainability, and the ease of writing. Combined with one of several web frameworks like Django, it is a potent tool for building websites.

The .NET Languages –

The .NET Languages, most Read more…

Essential Facts For Web Design and Maintenance

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Web design is more than just the challenge of placing content on the internet. The best websites represent well structured designs that quickly guide viewers to the information they are seeking. To accomplish this, a website should be streamlined for the optimal viewer experience. This is where SEO, keywords and internal search tools can be most valuable. If a viewer cannot find the information they have come to your site for in a fast and efficient manner then they will quickly leave. Read more…